Gas Analysis and Control Panel Specialists

Unitech Engineering Services Limited are electro-mechanical engineering experts who specialise in gas analysis and control panel design, often incorporating weatherproofing and ATEX design.


Gas Analysis and Control Panel Specialists

Founded in 1990, Unitech offers a complete design, procurement, production and installation service. Businesses that require gas analysis, electrical control panels or a combination of both can rely upon Unitech to design and deliver the ideal solution.


Unitech works with the leading component manufacturers in both gas analysis and PLC control panels but is affiliated with none. Being independent, Unitech guarantees customer needs will be put first, before the selection of any vendor.


We are ISO 9001 quality standard certified, which is why you can trust us with your requirements and why customers keep coming back to Unitech.


Broad Experience

Unitech is trusted by companies large and small in industries including oil and gas production, food packaging, manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication and water treatment.


Outside of your gas analysis and control panel needs, we can apply our problem-solving capability to many electrical and mechanical challenges. Contact us to see how we can help you.