hydrogen FUELLING.

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We are able to design and install pressure reduction systems that are suitable for fuelling combined heat and power (CHP) vehicles from high pressure gas supplies such as CNG trailers.

We can design a system around your specifications and ensure that it is fit for purpose, including systems for virtual pipelines where gas transportation is required.



AIr products - hydrogen fuelling station


Air Products are one of our biggest customers. We have designed and commissioned work for them for over 25 years. Air Products develops, engineers, builds, owns and operates some of the world's largest industrial gas projects, including gasification projects that sustainably convert abundant natural resources into syngas for the production of high-value power, fuels and chemicals. 

Air Products operates in over 50 countries, across 30 different industries. Air Products has built a reputation for quality, integrity and goodwill that is the cornerstone of our success. Regardless of challenges, they continue to live and operate by the highest standards of ethics. This has kept Air Products at the top of their game for over 80 years. 


We designed and installed a fuelling station near Heathrow in London.