Process Analyser Systems UK

“The quality of their work is impeccable and every system they produce is of the highest standard.”

Process Analyser Systems UK (PASUK) distributes a broad range of high quality gas and liquid analysis instruments from leading manufacturers. It is the exclusive representative of Teledyne Analytical Instruments, MEECO, Tiger Optics, Orthodyne and Cambridge Viscosity in the UK and Ireland.

From its Oxfordshire calibration facility, PASUK supplies online and portable analysers to a wide range of industries, including those that demand ATEX, FM or UL certified equipment for use in hazardous areas or sensitive environments. Tim Butler is Managing Director of PASUK and is responsible for all analysis instrument sales in the UK and Europe.


As well as recommending and supplying the right analysis instrument for a particular need, PASUK is frequently approached to facilitate the supply of complete sample analysis systems.

Sample analysis systems are required to prepare a gas or liquid in a condition in which it can be effectively sampled and then analysed by the chosen analysis instrument.

In the case of gas analysis, the gas in question is often presented at high pressure. A sample analysis system is therefore required to perform pressure reduction on the gas. Once this is complete, the system is required to clean the gas, using a range of filtration techniques and without removing the substance to be measured, and then to flow the gas to the analysis instrument. In many cases the speed of this process is a key concern so as to not keep operators waiting for important readings. Finally the sample analysis system must manage the venting of the sampled gas either to the atmosphere or, more commonly, back in to the customer’s process.

Many of PASUK’s systems are used in hazardous areas and it requires an engineering partner with relevant experience and high quality control standards. Unitech, which has vast ATEX experience and is ISO 9001 certified, was selected in 2002 and has been working with PASUK ever since.

Unitech has become a valuable partner to PASUK performing all of their sample analysis system production and packaging. Unitech’s broad experience in packaging gas analysis instruments means that they can always quickly identify and produce the right solution to a particular challenge. About Unitech’s services, Butler says: “Unitech have good solutions to most common challenges and work closely with us to adapt them to each installation. The quality of their work is impeccable and every system they produce is of the highest standard, meaning we’ve no need to look elsewhere.”